Saturday, June 19, 2010

Steak ala Dad, the best treat for Father's Day at Melo's Steakhouse

Here's a good recommendation this coming Father's Day, last night I tried the special menu for this season at Melo's Steakhouse, and it's a perfect dinner meal for those people and family who will celebrate our Father's day and the Steal ala Dad just prepared this once a year and it is certified to make the man of the house melt with every bite of that steak. Steak ala Dad is the latest creation of Melo's that cooked up to commemorate all our dads for their hard work, dedication and love for their families. I'm really happy that I tasted and tried and as a first time dad, I just got my first Father's day meal in my life, but since I'm going to be a busy dad on Sunday and my family is not with me, I'm going to treat my wife and my son here at Melo's after my busy sched.