About Food Pilipinas

Food tripping like a cowboy at Texas Roadhouse Grill (12)
Food Pilipinas Blog started as a small project and creating a new category of blogs out from my main blog Azrael's Merryland ( azraelsmerryland.blogspot.com). Been blogging for food and content about food since year 2003 and I didn't know that posting cooking tips, and adding it with funny photo captions, and feature the food in all resto and fast food that I visited will land me here doing a series of reviews and photos of food I eat.

And I realize that it was called food blogging, and many of my readers labeled me as food blogger. I didn't saw myself as a food blogger, but I am more a pop culture blogger, but then people and other food bloggers invited me to join with them in a series of food tasting and food feature for our blogs, because of the blog I maintain reaches a wide readership and become influential to them, blogging about food is one of the most popular content in my main blog, so that's one of the reason for creating Food Pilipinas.

I started this late April 2010 to be more serious in food blogging,and since I am now more prepared and learned many things in my blog, I decided to move and start all over again, but all content posted in Food Pilipinas will be featured in my main blog, just to drive my blog readers here and subscribe for  new content all about food.

Food Pilipinas Blog is just a start, and by this I can learn more not only about food, but also how to cook, write reviews and take food photography.