Monday, August 16, 2010

My Meal Series: my plate in Yakimix

My first time to try this eat all you can buffet in Yakimix, SM MOA. I love their sushi and maki buffet. I didn't got a good atmosphere yesterday when we dine in here with my family. But I guess we will try it on a weekday. Mukhang palengke sa sobra dami ng tao pag weekends.

food is yummy, but the crowd of people outside drives me arghhh. we were seated kasi sa labas ng resto and it ran out of seats for us

My Meal Series: home cooking Beef Curry

The wife cooked this today for our dinner

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Meal Series: Homestyle Sopas

haha, I just called it homestyle Sopas because mom in law cooked this yesterday for lunch at home. She used the roasted chicken meat that my wife cooked few nights ago and mom recycled it and use it as one of the ingredients for our sopas.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Fiesta Kapampangan food @ Robinsons Starmills mall

The Fiesta Kampampangan is like a food court or food area in Robinsons Starmills in San Fernando, Pampanga. The difference from other food court in the mall is that they offer all kinds of food in Pampanga, the special and the way the cook the food are all original from Pampanga. According to Mr. Lavern Aquino of the marketing dept. of Robinsons malls, they invited those best and popular food stalls, restaurants and canteen that is located in Pampanga to have their own food stand here in their very own food court and now dubbed as the Fiesta Kapampangan. They have live bands at night and ohh, they serve BEER!

here are the food we have that night before going back home in Manila.

Sizzling Sisig

Crispy Pata

Tokwa't Baboy

Grilled Squid


Sizzling Shrimp


we have lots of food in our table and forgot to take pics because I am busy eating our meal.
we have Pancit Malabon too. (more pics below)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Meal Series: Suki Beef Teppan Don

Trying out this Suki Beef Teppan Don at Teriyaki Boy, I love my donburi with raw egg on top. But on my next visit I'll try the Gyu Yakiniku Don. This was my dinner when I was in Robinsons Galeria

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rosemary and Thyme Restaurant

We went to Robinsons Starmills in San Fernando, Pampanga and we ate our snacks here inside the mall, the Rosemary and Thyme Restaurant offers pasta, coffee, salad, and some rice meals. Here in our food feature, I have photos of what we have for that afternoon.

the sign

the menu

Civeto Coffee, I laugh at my wife because she ordered this and later on she found out that our food blogger friend told me that the coffee is made of from a bird's poop, which makes the coffee much more stronger, because the bird eat the coffee beans and poop it out.

Sun dried tomato pasta, this is my meal and added with mini toast and crispy and crunchy chicken. I love the taste of it. Price is around P250

Paco Salad. It was a surprise that they offer this, we were happy to try out this fern salad with salad vinegar and tomatoes.

Tokwa't baboy

and our mini tea, I forgot the name of this green tea, but it taste so yummy.
Im not sure if it is a rosemary leaf tea.

Kopi Roti food and drinks feature

My first visit in Kopi Roti was in year 2005 and that was in their first branch in old NAIA airport, it was my first time to try their Kaya toast and the soft boiled eggs, after that I always think of my morning there when I was waiting for my mom to arrive home from the USA. Kopi Roti was established since 1950 in Singapore, and that's when the concept of art of enjoying coffee and toast bread, the word Kopi Roti comes from the Malay word Kopi Tiams, means coffee shop. And now after 5 years they have 18 branches in the Philippines, and here in my food feature I'm at their Greenbelt 3 branch.

check out below for our food feature and photos

Friday, August 6, 2010

Food feature on Barrio Fiesta Greenhills

I remember that me and my family always eat at Barrio Fiesta during my youngling years, the last branch I remember we last ate our dinner and lunch is in Barrio Fiesta in Caloocan along EDSA with my balikbayan family and most memorable branch in Recto were we ate there after my high school graduation. Whenever I hear Barrio Fiesta, my mind always think of Kare Kare and Crispy Pata, that's one of their most popular Filipino dish and also my favorite. I didn't know that Barrio Fiesta is the home of the original Kare Kare and Crispy Pata, and it was just an experiment in 1958 of the first store to use and not waste the pork knuckles and they fry it with oil and get the perfect crisp and that's how Crispy Para was invented by the family of Sixta Evangelista Ongpauco aka Mama Chit, and the inventor of the crispy para is his son Rodolfo.

And now we are here at the original Barrio Fiesta branch in Greenhills (parallel to EDSA before Ortigas) and met Tita Corazon Ongpauco Tamayo and learn some cool stories on how they started the Barrio Fiesta and how tasty the food here in their Greenhills branch.

I have several of food features and photo below, so prepare yourself for a mouth watering blog feature! (read more below)