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Food feature on Barrio Fiesta Greenhills

I remember that me and my family always eat at Barrio Fiesta during my youngling years, the last branch I remember we last ate our dinner and lunch is in Barrio Fiesta in Caloocan along EDSA with my balikbayan family and most memorable branch in Recto were we ate there after my high school graduation. Whenever I hear Barrio Fiesta, my mind always think of Kare Kare and Crispy Pata, that's one of their most popular Filipino dish and also my favorite. I didn't know that Barrio Fiesta is the home of the original Kare Kare and Crispy Pata, and it was just an experiment in 1958 of the first store to use and not waste the pork knuckles and they fry it with oil and get the perfect crisp and that's how Crispy Para was invented by the family of Sixta Evangelista Ongpauco aka Mama Chit, and the inventor of the crispy para is his son Rodolfo.

And now we are here at the original Barrio Fiesta branch in Greenhills (parallel to EDSA before Ortigas) and met Tita Corazon Ongpauco Tamayo and learn some cool stories on how they started the Barrio Fiesta and how tasty the food here in their Greenhills branch.

I have several of food features and photo below, so prepare yourself for a mouth watering blog feature! (read more below)

Tita Cora told us that the food here in their Greenhills branch really shows the authentic Barrio Fiesta, their chefs are the original ones who was trained well during the early times and kept the Barrio Fiesta food recipe spirit in them and now transferring that knowledge to new chefs here in their branch, now we dub them as their master chef, I just hope that I should meet them next time and see how old they are.Also they now serve budget and combo meals for people who wants to eat solo.

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The Barrio Fiesta Greenhills was relocated at the back from where they are staying in EDSA before Ortigas ilalim, and after the big move, they transform their fixtures and interiors and added a modern feel of a new restaurant. The body changed, but the food maintained their original taste and that's the most impressive part of the transformation. The singing and dancing waiters and rondalla. We enjoyed the food through out the night and met also Tita Cora's two son, who help her manage the store here and also in the USA.

I just can't imagine that I am back in Barrio Fiesta, and this food activity we did captured my spirit back in the year 80's and 90's and for the millennium year, I am going back again to Barrio Fiesta and promote it to my upcoming balikbayan relatives. Sarap eh!

and now here are the food!

Sago't Gulaman.
I always order this cold drink whenever I will eat pinoy food. The sweetness and flavor will help me get rid off the umay taste.

Kilawin Tanique
This is the best kilawin in the house, the mix of vinegar and tanique fish meat is perfect, not to sour or acidic for my tummy.

Kuhol sa Gata
Kuhol or rice field snail is mixed with coconut milk and kang kong vegetables. You need to use some toothpick in removing the snail meat out of the shell.

Sizzling Sisig sa Aligue
My first time to see an aligue on top of a sizzling sisig, although that the aligue should add more salty flavor, but I tasted less salty and the meat dominates my taste bud after some bite.

Sinigang na Tiyan ng Bangus
I like the presentation for the sinigang with Bangus belly, they used the old pot were we cook our soup and rice.

Its a seafood soup or here in Cavite we call it Mutya ng Cavite. Seafood soup added with piece of crab meat, shrimp, clams and some veggies.

Kare Kare
the best food ever! I order this evertime I visit Barrio Fiesta, the specialty of the house and the Kare kare taste show how original it is and how different from other restos.

Sinalab means that it was flamed on, Seafood and pork meat was grilled and added with some veggies, this type of food is perfect for pulutan, or match it with a beer.

Bicol Express
we know that Bicol Express has some chili taste, but here they have a little chili, but I heard you can request if you want more chilis to be added.

Sizzling hipon sa aligue
Awesome combination of aligue and shrimp, my first time to taste it and the juice of aligue and shrimp is delicious, I added it to my rice and ate the juice with the shrimp.

Laing sa gata

Pakbet sa Baboy-Hipon

Crispy Pata
I can't explain why their Crispy Pata is delicious and so crispy, I ate already different kinds of Crispy Pata and this one is very different, we know that this is the original and the meat is easily be removed from the bone, and all I can say is that, nobody can match the original.

Crispy Patita Gitna
I didn't know that they have 4 kinds of Crispy Pata, called a Crispy Patita, they gave taas, gitna and kuko. This one is called Crispy Patita Gitna, it is the middle part of the pork knuckles and everything is crispy and juicy in here, meat is easy to removed from the bone and its a big hello highblood for me, ahahah, but sure a win when it comes to the taste of it.

Sizzling Tyan ng Bangus

Seafood Kare Kare
my first time to try this food, a version of Kare Kare with lots of Seafood meat.

Kris Ongpauco's Desserts series: Tira Misu

Halo Halo Special

Chicaron Bulaklak
a must try and it so crispy and less oily

and my take home. For me, the best peanut butter!

And if you are asking for the price of each meal, some of them are around P150 and above, while the Kare Kare has price of P330 for family serving (FS) and P210 for half serving (HS)., same goes to Seafood Kare Kare (P398 FS, P241 HS), for Crispy Pata thats P477 for the whole, for the Crispy Patita taas P205, gitna P180 and kuko P140.

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