Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mango Yogurt Cheese Cake (Cafe Au Lait @ Maxims, Resorts World Manila)

Here's a new discovery for me this evening when I visited Maxims and attended a meeting in Cafe Au Lait, and tried this yummy dessert called "Mango Yogurt Cheese Cake" from Cafe Au Lait inside Maxims, Resorts World Manila. There's a mango on top and the middle is all yogurt and under it is the cheese cake, price is at around P110 per slice and P1,100 for a whole cake. I was about to buy and take one cake with me but we already bought the last two slice and ate it in our meeting, I think this will give me reasons to visit the cafe again, the name of the cafe comes from the french word meaning "coffee with milk".

and as the waiter said, they have this only at Cafe Au Lait....yummy....yogurt cake!

Cafe Au Lait
Maxims, Resorts World Manila
Naia 3 road