Thursday, March 31, 2011

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chicken baguette sandwich @ Dinelli Gourmet

I’m now a big fan of this new resto in Burgos Circle in Forbes Town in Global City. The Dinelli Gourmet is a great discovery for me as they offer delicious food with herbs and cheese, they also sell different kind of cheese inside the resto and I read on the label some of it are in “buy one take one”. I’m really happy that my meeting was held there and thanks to the person who invited me on that meeting.

I tried this Chicken Baguette Sandwich, because the waiter told me that it is their best seller, I want to eat pasta yesterday, but they have a 1 or maybe 2 kinds of pasta with herbs on their menu. I love the taste of the Chicken Baguette Sandwich and also their fried fries, I enjoyed the freshly green veggies added in my chicken sandwich and at first I thought that the chicken will be roasted, but it shows the chicken were chopped to pieces and added with sandwich cream on their own recipe.

For a price of P200, I am very satisfied, and one slice of the sandwich is already heavy for me. I took home the other half and brought it home for my wife, because I want her to try it.

I want to go back to Dinelli Gourmet and also visit new restos in Burgos Circle. I really love the place  and a must visit if you are a foodie!

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mabuhay Palace Homemade Ice Cream - made from salted duck eggs

Its creamy, sweet and salty, but delicious and you won't even think that this Mabuhay Palace Homemade Ice Cream is made of salted duck eggs! A great masterpiece ice cream for me. You can try this only at Mabuhay Palace restaurant in Manila Hotel.

Macha Parfait @ UCC Cafe

Here's my favorite Macha Parfait! with layers of red beans, kanten jelly, whipped cream, and green tea ice cream garnished with chestnuts. I discovered this after visiting UCC Cafe in Greenbelt 5. I tried it for the 3rd time and its more yummy when you reach the bottom of the parfait.