Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kamaron crickets @ Balaw Balaw

Kamaron is a deep friend rice field crickets, they removed the legs and head of a local rice field cricket and fried it. The taste is crunchy and you'll taste the burned flavored of the cricket. Tastes like a burned chicharon, or a grilled crunchy over burned pork. I first tried this ages ago at Cabalen, but here in Balaw Balaw it tastes good than in Cabalen.

My Meal Series : lunch at Hotel St. Ellis

Sometimes my tummy looks for any breakfast meal even it is lunch time, I tried this breakfast meal at Hotel St. Ellis in Legazpi City and I am so happy to see the 2 sunny side egg and lots of sausages on my plate. I was with a blogger friend and a 2 GMA 7 crew when we ate here.

Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm reading this today - Olive Magazine 1st issue

I'm reading this today, I got a copy of the premiere issue of Olive Magazine from an event that I attended few days ago, and I'm surprised that this food magazine is very informative and they feature lots of recipes, restaurant reviews, food reviews and features. The food photo shots are beautiful and the reviews are written by well known people esp. chefs and famous people in different industry. I like their feature about the food in Pampanga and Legazpi City, cheap food in restaurants and a guide to roasting.

Olive Magazine is published by Bella Luce
total of 106 glossy pages.

we're now having a topic about this magazine here at home.




Bibingkang abnoy @ Balaw Balaw

I first saw this Bibingkang Abnoy on TV and they cooked a big Bibingka with aborted duck eggs in Laguna, but here in Balaw Balaw, the recipe is much more different and it looks like a tofu. The smell of this food is awful, you might cover your nose when this food is near you. The taste is salty with a foul smell after chewing it. It tastes weird and the exotic experience can be your trophy. Best to eat it with vinegar to eliminate the foul smell and salty taste.

My Meal Series : breakfast at Hotel Venezia

And this is my favorite set whenever I eat my breakfast in a hotel. This is my breakfast meal after raiding the morning buffet at Hotel Venezia in Legazpi City. I always ask the chef to cook my omelet with lots of veggies and tomato. And my fried rice matched with sausages, sweet dilis and tinapa. I don't eat tinapa, but this tinapa is boneless and I like it.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pork Teriyaki @ Hotel Venezia

Pork Teriyaki in Hotel Venezia is good, not too sweet and salty. I was thinking to add chili sauce to convert it something Korean style, but I let the recipe stays in its original treatment. The veggies add more crunchy taste. I also like how they cut the pork into strips.

Taho @ Heat, EDSA Shangri La Hotel

This is the Taho that I prepared myself that evening when me and the bloggers ate at HEAT in EDSA Shangri la Hotel. My eyes are smiling, because I poured a lot of sago and sweet syrup on it. The taste is more different than the ordinary taho we buy in the streets.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kaldereta Kambing @ Damaso GB5

My first time to try the Kaldereta Kambing at Damaso restaurant in Greenbelt 5. I expected that it will be chili, but then I discovered the chili flavor is under that goat's bone and meat. My next visit is that I'll try the ostrich meat.

my perfect match - Bolognese Pasta and Coca-Cola

My first time to try the Bolognese Pasta in Cafe Mediterranean, located at Resorts World Manila. I match it with an ice cold Coca-Cola and thats my perfect match for a good yummy meal. Pasta and Coca-Cola.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Grilled Chicken parts at Joe Isaw (a tribute post)

Joe Isaw will stand for its last day at Ortigas Home Depot, I just heard the sad news from the owner that they will close down tomorrow. I tasted their Barbed Wire Chicken Barbeque and its tasty and thought that it was pork. Isaw is always sold out there and you'll be lucky if there's a stock, anyway, its the last day of Joe Isaw, thanks for bringing the good isaw and grilled chicken parts into the mainstream market. Now we count on back to the regular street food isaw.

isaw = chicken's intestine

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Buffalo wings and meatballs in Greenwich Top That Pizza

Greenwich Top That Pizza is a new pizza recipe by Greenwich, adding that finger foods on a pizza is another level that Greenwich wants to reach. It looks weird at the first time I saw their giant billboard in Pasay City, but then you'll realize that eating pizza with one hand is now outdated. Use fingers! get that buffalo wing first, dip it on the blue cheese cream, eat it and then bite a pizza, don't also forge to eat an onion rings.

The meatballs on a pizza is so heavy in your tummy, two giant meatballs with lots of meat on it is embedded in a one slice of pizza, its a perfect party pizza, because on top of it has lots of french fries, eating here requires lots of fingers and hands. Greenwich is inventing new kinds of pizza and we don't know what will be there next Greenwich pizza innovation.

They also have a separate menu for buffalo wings, you can order that separately. The chili of the buffalo wings is at medium level, but if you feel the chiliness, just dip it on a blue cheese to add yummy cheesy flavor.

My favorite pizza among the two is the Buffalo wings pizza.
Check out also my wife's food blog review of this Greenwich Top That Pizza

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a big foodies gathering on Nov 29

another foodie gathering on a special holiday! kita kits!