My Gear

Here are the list of gears and equipment that I use for my food blog

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1. Olympus E520 dslr camera with 52mm and 150mm lens
I'm using this dslr camera in taking food photos for my blog. I sometimes shoot in manual and automatic mode, and that depends only if the lighting is good or bad. I am a heavy user of the DIS SCENE mode with anti shake and vivid color quality, I don't use macro in taking food. I'm studying food photography online and trying to familiarize myself in using the manual mode and available lighting (and also improvised my own lighting at home with a help of a lap and a diffuser tissue paper)
2. Compaq C500 laptop
My 2nd laptop ever, my parents bought this laptop since 2007 after my college graduation and its my battle gear in blogging, It needs to retire and I'm planning to buy a much more upgraded version of Compaq laptop, and maybe get  a netbook too.
3. CDR King card reader
I use it in transferring my photos from the memory card of my camera. I'm using this because its the only card reader I know that has XD card slot, most card readers don't have XD card slot, my camera uses XD Olympus memory card.
4. Samsung 3500 mobile phone
I'm using this phone not only texting or calling, but also typing the name of the food that I'm eating, so that I won't forget the name. I use my phone as my notepad.
5. PSP with camera
My PSP gaming console is not for playing games but also for taking videos for my video blog. Thanks to the additional PSP camera installed in my PSP slim.

Where do I upload my content?
1. - for photos
2. - it hosts all my blog post
3. - for my video blog
4. Picassa - for some photos

Where do I share my content?
1. Facebook
2. Plurk
3. Twitter
4. Google Buzz
5. Tumblr
6. Email
7. RSS subscribers

Update 2:
I upgraded and changed some of my gear
the C500 laptop is already busted last October 2010
the Samsung 3500 is also busted and bought a new one
and I no longer use the CDRking card reader