Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mario's Restaurant

Santol Chutney Glazed Pork Chops @ Mario's

This is my premiere blog post for Food Pilipinas Blog and I like to welcome you here in my new blog dedicated for food, and we are here to feature food from Mario's Restaurant. Thanks to Spanky and the food bloggers group for inviting me and my wife to try the fine dining at Mario's Restaurant, and I heard that this resto started in Baguio City and now a there's a branch already here in Tomas Morato Q.C. Steaks, grills, wines and flaming desserts are one of the popular food here at Mario's.

We arrived late for the food session, and missed some of the meals, but I'm glad we still made it and tried their house specials and favorites.
I ordered the Turmeric Chicken meal, because I want to have a very light meal in my tummy and then my wife Lace ordered the Santol Chutney Glazed Pork Chops, which we began to start having interest with the santol and glazed in the pork chops.

Turmeric Chicken (Php 310)

Served with steamed pandan rice and a salad

The chicken is grilled with turmeric and served with  rice and some veggies, It is soft and tasty with a little spice and chili, I think the burned pepper in the grilled chicken meat added the flavor of this meal.

Santol Chutney Glazed Pork Chops (Php 340)

When Lace started to eat the meal, our food bloggers seatmates tasted the meal and they gave a smile and recommendation that I should try it. I tasted it and it is not the regular pork chop we know, the glazed and santol fruit and flavor added a sweetness to the meat and the grilled pork chop cooked well done and I love the taste of the meat and the pork. I don't eat pork in my life, but the pork chop here is very different and will make you love to eat that soft, juicy and tasty grilled pork. A must try food at Mario's.

Mango Jubilee dessert

Mango Jubilee is one of the famous dessert because they need to cook it first and add wine and burn it over and under a flame, it is also called the Flambes. They have different fruit for this dessert and it depends on the season. Mango, Banana and Strawberry. The dessert is cooked in the pan and bathe it in fine liqour and then flamed it again, add cinnammon and then served with an sweet vanilla ice cream. A must try dessert and the chef will prepare it and cook it in front of you, just stay away further from the stove as the pan will flame up and cook those fruits to add more juicy sweetness.

here's how they prepare it.
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P4217982 P4217989

P4217993 P4218004


P4217954 P4217956

P4217959 P4217960

Inside Mario's


Mario's Restaurant Q.C.
191 Tomas Morato Ave. cor. Scout Gandia
Quezon City, Philippines

Mario's Restaurant Baguio City
Upper Session Road
Baguio City Philippines

Q.C. - 632.372-0360 / 632.415-3887 / 0923-7181790
Baguio City - 074.442-4241 / 074.442-7445 / 0922-8412192

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  1. Mario's is likea Magnet to us food lovers it keep drawing us back for more. I love the servings and the plating and the taste...excellente... love your Paella it took around 45 minutes to cook but it's worth the time I will try teh cochinillo.. Sunday buffet is also offered i forgot the price but it's very reasonable bec. of the fine food good ambiance and the good company that your in.. Cheers Mario more meetings to come.