Monday, April 26, 2010

My Meal Series : dinner after the launch

my meal series : a blog special about the food I eat anywhere and anytime

I attended this car event and launching in NBC Tent, I got hungry after the main launch and glad that they opened up the buffet area for us media and guest eat our dinner. I didn't expect that the line of the buffet will be longer, so I stood there and waited around 20 minutes to get my turn. I decided to eat the pasta carbonara and some beef. I saw that Hizons catering is serving and I got tempted to try their pasta.(contd.).
I  grabbed the noodles and carefully make a bed over my plate and then noticed some strange features of the carbonara sauce, as I pour it little by little to my pasta,and then I over estimated the sauce and it almost overflowed. I thought that the sauce is creamy, but it was not and the sauce is a little bit watery, so that's the reason the sauce didn't stick easily to the pasta. And the taste is not perfect for me, and I just enjoy eating it because pasta is my favorite, but I was hoping to get the tomato sauce but landed in the carbonara.

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but it's okay, my disappointment pave off after I tried their chocolate fountain, the banana fruit on stick and marshmallows are the best dessert that is dipped into ravaging hot choco lava.