Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Towering Flavors of Lunch @ Italianni's

You can now enjoy a yummy lunch feast at Italiani's, because you can now order a towering meal of flavors in your table, they have two kinds of Towering Flavors of Lunch - Traditionale Tower priced at Ph895 and the Buon Gusto Tower priced at Ph995.

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You can start first with Italiani's signature salad, then eat a light meal of baked mussels or you can skip the seafood and head over below for the chicken and pasta.

Its a good treat for two person, you can try the salad as your appetizer and then try the remaining two layer for a heavy and hearty meal.

close look on the chicken and pasta

I like their baked mussels, its so big and I heard that the mussel is imported from Australia.

Italiai's Chef Daniel introduced to us their latest offer that you'll enjoy for lunch, merienda and dinner.

I first tried it here at their branch in Bonifacio High Street,