Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chicken Charlie ~ finally…

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Chicken Charlie is like an urban legend, you know that you’ll just hear its name and then look for it on Google and find two branches sitting one in Retiro and one in San Juan. How do I go there and try it? But then I got stuck in Makati and loved the other korean fried chicken. But I heard good reviews and news that Chicken Charlie is much tastier and good than the other one, okay, I read some blogs and it was heavily pimped by a food blogger friend and I always see that post in her timeline that we should try Chicken Charlie. ( Read more story below)

The urban legend must end now
and here I am, just visited their new branch in Adriatico st corner Pedro Gil. A minute walk from Robinsons Manila, just turn left to Adriatico if you are coming to Robinsons and then proceed to the place were a former cafe is standing, near a Zamboanga resto and a bank.

Chicken Charlie is now expanding, and that’s good news! But now I wish for a branch inside the mall, but the latest news I received from Chicken Charlie owner – Ifore, that their next plan is to expand and have a branch in a Gaisano Mall in Davao City.

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The Soy Garlic chicken is very nostalgic for me, I swear to God that I tasted this recipe when I was a kid during the late 70’s and coming early 80’s, I think that’s the year I haven’t encountered a tomato or banana catsup, all I know is that we have a deep fried chicken with soy sauce on our table, and we have that only during my birthday. They also serve Soy Garlic and the spicy chicken leg and wings, I love the spicy flavor! its the best for me and I finally discovered that this style of cooking is similar to the chicken I tried before the colored tv was born.

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Serving us with a Banderberg drink, a sarsaparilla or a ginger beer. I dig the ginger beer really tastes good. Its a great match for your spicy chicken and the ginger beer is a non alcoholic drink, that looks like a beer, but taste more than a soda drink.

Chicken Charlie is a must try for every food blogger, and food fans, its our very own recipe that double’s the deep fried of it and removes the chicken fat. You should try this..and now I can say that this is heaven for foodies.

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Chicken Charlie at Adriatico st. and a pic of Ifore, the owner of Chicken Charlie.

In their menu, here are some prices

- 4 pcs wing - P99
- 8 pcs wing - P195
- 10 pc wing - P235

- 4 pcs of drumstick - P199
- 6 pcs of drumstick - P289
- 8 pcs of drumstick - P 379

Combo meal
2 drumsticks + 4 wings - P197
3 drumsticks + 6 wings - P 288
4 drumsticks + 4 wings - P288

- yam fries - P35
- wedges - P45
- Pickled Radish - P30
- Cheestick - P60
- Dynamite - P88
- Rice - P15

Value Meal
charlie's Bowl - P59

Sundaw Cone - P20

Ice Tea - P25
Softdrinks - P35
Bundaberg - P90

a P4153069_stitch
Here’s my panoramic view from the inside of Chicken Charlie

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