Monday, September 6, 2010

Chili’s Big Mouth Burgers now upgraded to Deluxe

Chili’s is back with a vengeance in delivering yummy burgers and special recipe flavor on their burger patty, plus the size becomes a lot bigger and launching the “Deluxe Big Mouth Burger”. At first I verbally tell my friends that I can eat that burger easy, but when I take some bite and found out that I can’t even finish my other half of the burger, so the big size is not for the ordinary burger lover, but that makes us happy, the bigger the better. (mor below)

Here are their new burgers

Gourmet Burger
A peppercorn crusted creation with fried pickets, gouda cheese and Dijon aioli. This is my favorite in the line and I love the gouda cheese on it

Patty Melt
A grilled burger on crunchy Texas toast, with swiss cheese, chipotle glazed onions, crispy bacon and japaneo ranch dressing. This is the 1st runner up for a heavy weight burger with its big size and lots of ingredients.

Ultimate Mushroom Burger
With mushroom sauce, swiss cheese and crispy onion strings, the winner in all sizes and heavy fillings, with the title as the ultimate, we should respect this due to its size

Smoke Meatloaf Burger
The title says it all, the meatloaf is like an embutido,but a lot more tastier. The burger is laoded with shredded letture, tomato, pickles and onion strings.

Banana Cream Pie
Not a burger, but this is the most yummy dessert that they have, a graham cracker crust with banana custard fillings, with whipped cream, caramel and cocoa. This dessert is best to eat it when it is cold.

Grab your Deluxe Big Mouth Burgers at Greenbelt 5 – 729-3022, Northeast Greenhills – 727-2959, Tomas Morato – 372-5017, and Power Plant Mall, Rockwell – 659-6527.