Thursday, November 24, 2011

Seattle’s Best Coffee’s Four New Holiday Drinks

Coffee Cream Pie (female friend)
Coffee Cream Pie is the perfect blend of the traditional coffee cream pie ingredients (toasted marshmallows, toffee syrup, dark and white chocolate) with espresso topped with whipped cream and dark chocolate shavings. The blending is very smooth and relaxing -- it's not strong bitter coffee but rather a clear coffee taste that soothes and goes down very well. Similar to the character associated with it - the simple, relaxed, girl-next-door type of friend – Coffee Cream Pie is smooth, relaxing, easy-going and stress free.

Chocolate Cherry (female friend)
The taste of Chocolate Cherry is highly dependent on the taste buds of the customer.  Some would describe it as sweet; others would describe the cherry taste as liquor-ish, while a few would describe the drink as a bit citrusy. The drink mixes cherry syrup and dark chocolate sauce with espresso topped with whipped cream and a cherry fruit to produce a myriad of different tastes inside your mouth. Just like the character associated with it, Chocolate Cherry has a sophisticated taste profile. It's difficult to pin down and that's exactly why people will get attracted to it.

Cookies & Mint (male friend)

Cookies & Mint is sweet and minty leaving you with a refreshing aftertaste. The drink flavors (dark chocolate and mint mixed with espresso) are familiar and never disappointing. Cookies & Mint is topped off with crushed Oreo cookies, which provides a nice texture and contrast to the smooth espresso. Cookies & Mint is exactly like the personality attached to it -- the serious friend who is always reliable. He is always there to join you for the fun times or comfort you during the serious moments.  

Coffee Hazelnut (male friend)
Coffee Hazelnut
is a sweet drink mixing hazelnut, white chocolate sauce and slight hints of coconut with espresso topped with whipped cream and caramel grounds. The blend of hazelnut and espresso results in a drink that really perks you up. The drink is exactly like the character associated with it – a very casual, relaxed and goofy friend who has an innate way of livening things up and making everyone laugh.