Friday, November 26, 2010

Buffalo wings and meatballs in Greenwich Top That Pizza

Greenwich Top That Pizza is a new pizza recipe by Greenwich, adding that finger foods on a pizza is another level that Greenwich wants to reach. It looks weird at the first time I saw their giant billboard in Pasay City, but then you'll realize that eating pizza with one hand is now outdated. Use fingers! get that buffalo wing first, dip it on the blue cheese cream, eat it and then bite a pizza, don't also forge to eat an onion rings.

The meatballs on a pizza is so heavy in your tummy, two giant meatballs with lots of meat on it is embedded in a one slice of pizza, its a perfect party pizza, because on top of it has lots of french fries, eating here requires lots of fingers and hands. Greenwich is inventing new kinds of pizza and we don't know what will be there next Greenwich pizza innovation.

They also have a separate menu for buffalo wings, you can order that separately. The chili of the buffalo wings is at medium level, but if you feel the chiliness, just dip it on a blue cheese to add yummy cheesy flavor.

My favorite pizza among the two is the Buffalo wings pizza.
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